January 15, 2021

Listed - L.J. Kerry

This is our first indie author interview/review of the new year. Join us as we chat to L.J. Kerry about her book Listed

"They should have never met...
When Judas Wells is ordered to send Nadine Ellis to her execution, he defies orders for the first time in his life by concealing Nadine in The Rebellion. However, once it is revealed that Nadine has actually been kidnapped from a neighbouring country, The Rebellion and Judas realise her experience as an outsider could bring down their own country's ruthless regime and restore freedom to the nation.

 Yet this proves no simple task when the government starts hunting them all down. As an uprising looms over the country in retaliation, nowhere is safe. With the help of The Rebellion, Judas and Nadine must survive long enough to see freedom restored—or face their demise."

We had a fantastic tiny peek into L.J. and her writing inspiration. She grew up a book worm and just by talking to her we can tell she always will be. We took a peek behind the story lines and the characters

You can have a nosy online too, L.J. has an online presence right here: L.J. on Goodreads

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